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protovis-java-0.1.zip (5.1 MB)

A graphical toolkit for Java

Protovis-Java is a partial implementation of the Protovis toolkit in the Java programming language. It is a research project exploring how Protovis' declarative approach to visualization design can be implemented and optimized in a statically-typed, object-oriented language. We demonstrate how to support rich visualizations without requiring a toolkit-specific data model and extend Protovis to enable declarative specification of animated transitions. To support cross-platform deployment, we introduce rendering and event-handling infrastructures decoupled from the runtime platform.

For more information about the design of the system, see our InfoVis 2010 paper.

protovis-java-0.1.zip (5.1 MB)
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Please note that this is a research prototype! It is not intended to be a production-ready toolkit and we do not provide software support as of this time. The code is also missing many of the library routines familiar to Protovis-Javascript users.

We provide the code here freely for others to use and modify, and as supporting material for our research paper and benchmarks. That said, if you would like to contribute to the further development of the system, feel free to contact us!

This is a research project by Jeff Heer and Mike Bostock of the Stanford Visualization Group.

Copyright 2010 Stanford Visualization Group