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Class pv.Behavior

Extends function.
Represents a reusable interaction; applies an interactive behavior to a given mark. Behaviors are themselves functions designed to be used as event handlers. For example, to add pan and zoom support to any panel, say:

    .event("mousedown", pv.Behavior.pan())
    .event("mousewheel", pv.Behavior.zoom())
The behavior should be registered on the event that triggers the start of the behavior. Typically, the behavior will take care of registering for any additional events that are necessary. For example, dragging starts on mousedown, while the drag behavior automatically listens for mousemove and mouseup events on the window. By listening to the window, the behavior can continue to receive mouse events even if the mouse briefly leaves the mark being dragged, or even the root panel.

Each behavior implementation has specific requirements as to which events it supports, and how it should be used. For example, the drag behavior requires that the data associated with the mark be an object with x and y attributes, such as a pv.Vector, storing the mark's position. See an implementing class for details.
Defined in: Behavior.js.

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Abstract; see an implementing class for details.
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Abstract; see an implementing class for details.

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