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Class pv.Layout.Cluster.Fill

Extends pv.Layout.Cluster.
A variant of cluster layout that is space-filling. The meaning of the exported mark prototypes changes slightly in the space-filling implementation:

For more details on how to use this layout, see pv.Layout.Cluster.
Defined in: Cluster.js.

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
Constructs a new, empty space-filling cluster layout.
Fields borrowed from class pv.Layout.Cluster:
defaults, group, innerRadius, orient, outerRadius
Fields borrowed from class pv.Layout.Network:
label, link, node
Fields borrowed from class pv.Panel:
canvas, children, overflow, transform
Fields borrowed from class pv.Bar:
fillStyle, height, lineWidth, strokeStyle, width
Fields borrowed from class pv.Mark:
bottom, childIndex, cursor, data, events, index, left, parent, proto, reverse, right, root, scale, title, top, type, visible
Methods borrowed from class pv.Layout.Network:
Methods borrowed from class pv.Panel:
add, anchor
Methods borrowed from class pv.Mark:
anchorTarget, def, event, extend, margin, mouse, render
Class Detail
Constructs a new, empty space-filling cluster layout. Layouts are not typically constructed directly; instead, they are added to an existing panel via pv.Mark#add.

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