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Class pv.Layout.Network.Node

Represents a node in a network layout. There is no explicit constructor; this class merely serves to document the attributes that are used on nodes in network layouts. (Note that hierarchical nodes place additional requirements on node representation, vis pv.Dom.Node.)
Defined in: Network.js.

Class Summary
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Field Summary
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The node index, zero-based.
The link degree; the sum of link values for all incoming and outgoing links.
The node name; optional.
The node value; optional.
Class Detail
Field Detail
{number} index
The node index, zero-based. This attribute is populated automatically based on the index in the array returned by the nodes property.

{number} linkDegree
The link degree; the sum of link values for all incoming and outgoing links. This attribute is populated automatically.

{string} nodeName
The node name; optional. If present, this attribute will be used to provide the text for node labels. If not present, the label text will fallback to the nodeValue attribute.

{object} nodeValue
The node value; optional. If present, and no nodeName attribute is present, the node value will be used as the label text. This attribute is also automatically populated if the nodes are specified as an array of primitives, such as strings or numbers.

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